Do you want to help support a small (one person + many contributing artists), local, independent, artist-owned and operated, woman-owned and operated space that aims to bring the big impact of contemporary art and culture to a small community?


1) Visiting Troppus Projects is always free of charge and often has free hands-on activities. Just showing up is a great way to support the space. Oh, and feel free to bring a friend or tell others about why you value spaces like this.

SHOW UP TO SUPPORT Wed/Thu 11-5 & Fri/Sat 11-6

2) You can buy art from Troppus Projects so that your money goes to both supporting the space and artists, and gets you (or someone) some art to enjoy!  

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2) You can make a monetary donation (Please note that Troppus Projects is NOT a 501c and your donation will not be tax deductible). Your donation WILL go toward the operational costs of running this kind of space, expanding what the space is able to offer, and generally supporting art and culture in a time when it’s value does not always seem recognized. You can choose to donate in increments of $5! 

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